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Our Precious Ghost • 2017 rpg

Richard Kreutz-Landry • @rkreutzlandry on Twitter

Your team just completed a mission but the heart of the team, the best of you… they didn’t make it back. This is the story of what happened, and why it matters so much.

Take turns filling in the blanks, clockwise around the table: “We got into _____ (a location) easily enough. We didn’t know ______ (the enemy) were waiting for us. We thought we had _______ (an objective) in the bag. But then, _____ (a person) showed up, and we knew. Things were about to turn bad.”

Continuing around the table clockwise you’ll describe each scene. The first scene is the team arriving at the location. If a character attempts something easy, they succeed. If they attempt something difficult, they fail, unless the player chooses to describe a scene in which they shared something, learned something, or received something from their soon to be dead comrade. The only action you cannot succeed on is saving them.

When they die, end the story. Have each player read the following sentence aloud, filling in the blank. “I’ll miss (pronoun) because ________.”

After everyone has gone, say the following. “____ was the best of us. And we’ll never get (pronoun) back.”

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