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Heisters • 2017 rpg

Mark Richardson • no link

Four players are committing a heist.  Backstabbing is expected.

	* ~40 blank cards
	* Pens
	* d6

On four cards, write:
	* From who?
	* Steal what?
	* Where?
	* When?

Shuffle and deal. Clockwise, players write their answer. Arrange cards in the centre, face up.	

On separate cards, write:
	* 1st
	* 2nd
	* 3rd
	* 4th

Shuffle and deal.  Players describe an obstacle guarding the loot.  Arrange cards in the centre, in order, face up.  Repeat for 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, obstacles preventing escape, but arrange face down.

On two cards each, players name a beneficial skill.  No duplicates.  Shuffle and deal face up.  Equipment automatically accompanies skills.	

Each player writes two secret plans: an obstacle imposed upon one other player (they roll to avoid); or thematically prevent being incapacited (you roll to escape.)  Reveal at any time.

The team encounters obstacles in order.  Any player describes how they overcome the obstacle for the team, rolling d6.  To succeed, roll 3+ if skilled, or 5+ if unskilled.

The obstacle is overcome even if failed, but describe how you're incapacitated.  You can't act.  Create an obstacle someone else must overcome to save you.  Saving you is optional.	

Divide 60 points equally between players who escape.  Highest ongoing score wins.

Author Comments

Heisters was inspired by two sources:

The game The Quiet Year, where the players collectively watch over a tribe, but each player indisputable declares the tribes actions when it’s their turn.

A Shadowrun GM rule-of-thumb. For any raid, the PCs should plan for at least one obstacle (guard schedules, maps, knowledge of target, etc.) per player (+1 or +2 for difficult a raid.) For each shortfall, create a difficult and unexpected encounter which must be dealt with on top of the expected encounters.

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