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Political Friction Generator • 2016 supplement

Robert Mahoney • no link

Political friction generator.
Grab a deck of standard playing cards.

Come up with 10 organizations for your setting, and 3 groups or families of powerful people.

Assign each organization a number 1 through 10, which will match up to a card number.

Suits represent methods of achieving goals, Hearts is through populist ideals, Diamonds is through political bypassing, Clubs is through illicit means, and Diamonds is for specific activities related to the setting eg. magic in a fantasy setting, operatives in a cyberpunk game, etc. 

 Lay cards face up on the playing surface next to one another. Adjacent cards are in conflict with each other publicly. These represent different organizations, or organization sects in direct conflict with one another. 

Continuing to draw cards, lay them on top of the current cards across their current facing with enough space to still show the suit and number of the bottom card. The card on top shows who or what group controls the public group on the bottom, with every organization being controlled by a different group or sect for an agenda not their own whether they know it or not.

The story for this situation is up to the GM.

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