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-Humanity- • 2016 rpg

Lorenzo Torre • no link

You awake in a clearing amidst ancient ruins.
You have no memories, no names, and barely some rags to wear. You might well be the only humans left.
Soon, you’ll meet a monster.
Find reasons to live. Survive.
Choose a Master, or take turns.
Each character has three attributes, one positive (Athletic, Charming, Tough...) and two ambiguous (Stubborn, Disenchanted, Opportunist...).
Start with 2 Humanity points. Spend one to perform a superhuman feat or add 1d6 to a roll; if you hit 0, you become a monster.
The Master sets up the scene. Describe your actions, the Master decides the consequences. Your equipment and attributes may help. Roll only to avoid danger.
Danger may be physical (falls, flames, attacks...) or mental (fear, madness, hypnosis...). Roll 3d6 (minus damage*) and pick the highest result:
1 : Death.
2 : Consequences** AND 1d2 damages*.
3-4:  Consequences OR 1 damage.
5:  Safe!
6: Safe +advantage.
*Physical danger causes wounds, mental danger traumas; each causes you  to roll one less die for the relevant rolls.  A character that suffers their third wound or trauma is killed. Proper care and rest cures wounds and traumas - maximum one daily.
**Hypnotized, knocked down, fleeing, equipment dissolved by acid...

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