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Ashes in the Rain • 2016 rpg

Davide Cavalli • no link

AitR is a game for two players: a Sender and an Addressee; you will need three sheets of paper, a pencil, a lighter and a rainy day to play it.
The Sender should sit at a table or on the ground turning his/her back to a window, while the Addressee should stay in front of the window and watch outside.
The Sender starts telling an episode of his/her character’s life, while writing the most important parts in letter form. He/she should express hope while answering to one question per scene:
-Where will you meet again?
-What do you want to achieve together?
-Why will you keep in touch against all odds?
At the end of each scene the Sender will give the letter to the Addressee without looking directly at his/her face.
The Addressee’s scenes take place after receiving the last letter and should express sadness and loss while answering to one question:
-Why didn’t you meet?
-Why did you fail?
-What made you fall apart?
Repeat this sequence three times..
The Addressee burns the letters at the end of his/her third scene and blows the ashes in the rain outside the window.

Author Comments (if any)

This game was ispired by the postcards placed nearby my window and by the rain that i love. A special thanks to B.S. and B.H

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