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Quick/Precise/Powerful • 2016 rpg

Carlos Luna •


This is a generic PbtA hack aimed at improvising games with minimal equipment.


Choose Name & Concept. Choose 2 Adjectives (or choose 1 twice): Quick / Precise / Powerful


GameMaster - Set a situation that provides an imminent threat or a great opportunity.
Player - React to the threat/opportunity and roll 2d6 (+1 if Concept helps). Call this number Performance.
GameMaster - Interpret the result taking into account whether the action has been Quick, Precise and/or Powerful:

    For each Adjective, if Performance + Adjective is in:

        [0,6] the action hasn't been Adjective enough.
        [7,9] the action may be Adjective if the character is willing to sacrifice something.
        [10…] the action has been clearly Adjective.

    The GameMaster may assign temporary Conditions to the characters (±1 to Performance each, while they apply).

    The outcome of each action should drive the story forward. Play to find out what happens.


* You're in a tavern. A hooded man keeps staring at you. What do you do?
* You wake up in a room you've never been before. What do you do?
* You find a strange pouch in your pocket. It is full of gems. What do you do?

Author Comments (if any)

The objective was to be able to improvise a game at any time, with minimal equipment (2d6, no specific character sheet, few rules to memorize…).

I’ve chosen Quick, Precise and Powerful as Adjectives since they are easy to remember, they cover many situations and it is quite straightforward to deduce the consequences of not being Quick, Precise or Powerful enough.

Finally, I’m using the PbtA dice-roll because it only requires two D6s (that you can borrow from most boardgames)

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