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Final Sanctuary • 2016 rpg finalist

Doug Ruff • no link

Who would have known that when we reached out to the stars, that they would reach back?

Take an egg-timer, set it. That’s how much time you have before the end.

Hurry! Europa has fallen, and our last hope for salvation crumbles.

There’s one final sanctuary; a hiding place that might be overlooked. Supplies enough for one person for a year, or for a few people to say their tender farewells, or to host one final apocalyptic party. This is no Garden of Eden though, nothing will grow, no fresh chance at civilization.

There’s room for things though, as long as they are self-sufficient. And maybe in a thousand years, or a hundred thousand, or a thousand billion, some alien archaeologist will find your sanctuary. What will you show them?

Check the timer, not long now. Mars is no more. Reach out and save something. We cannot undo time but mere distance is no object, choose anything that you want to preserve and send it through the portal. Just remember to… oh my God, was that the Sun?

The sands have nearly run out, hurry, choose now! What do you save?

Author Comments (if any)

I wanted to create something that told a story as well as being a role-playing game.

Judge Comments

Not surprisingly, I like a good “30 seconds to midnight” type of game, and the “fluff” text in this one captured the time pressure very eloquently. - Stephanie Bryant

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