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The Word-Eater • 2016 rpg

Benjamin Jimenez • no link

The Word-Eater ate our words. Without words, meanings were lost, civilization collapsed. Librarians still fight.

Take twenty cards. Inscribe “Word-Eater” on one, collaboratively write an inspiring words on others. Distribute two cards to each player, including the Word-Eater one. The rest forms a stack.

Play in turns, one for each player. Played cards return after full round.

Gamemaster :
- Describe environnment.
- Draw first card.
- Narrate danger, problem, encounter related to its word.
- Rolls D20 = Difficulty.

Player can, each once :
- Describe simple action.
- Play card from hand, describe complicated action related to its word.
- Ask other player to play card and describe helping action.

For each, gamemaster judges if it helps resolving the problem, this grants a D8. Roll and sum :
- Sum >= Difficulty : problem resolved, player takes card.
- Sum < Difficulty : resolution failed, word is lost.

When helping, Word-Eater can instead reveal himself. He :
- No longer gets turns.
- Takes all lost words.
- Can play card and perform obstructing action during other turns. Gamemaster judges to grant a D8 added to difficulty.

When stack is exhausted, final fight :
- Librarians and Word-Eater play card-action alternatively to fight.
- Gamemaster grants D8 as usual.
When player cards are exhausted, compare each side sum. Describe the civilization fate.

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