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Mark Well Her Station • 2016 rpg

Joel Dettweiler •

A game for 4-10 people.

There is one King and one Dissident. Everyone else is People.

A card is a Favor. The King gets two Favors. People each get one. The Dissident gets none.

Use tokens for Fortune. Everyone gets one to start.

The King must convince the People that he is good. He may promise or give Fortune.

The Dissident must convince the People that he is better. He may also promise or give Fortune.

After a time, take a vote. The People may keep their Favor or give it to the King or the Dissident. If the King has the most Favor, he remains King next round. If the Dissident has the most Favor, he becomes King next round. Ties go to the Dissident.

Dole out Fortune. The old King gets two. The people get one if they kept their Favor. The Dissident gets Fortune equal to the number of Favors he was given, double if he won. Randomly select any player; they gain another Fortune.

Reset Favor. The new Dissident is the non-King with the lowest Fortune. If there is a tie, select from among them randomly.

At the end, the person with the most Fortune wins.

Author Comments (if any)

Inspired by a visit to Dublin, Ireland a week after the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rebellion. The statue of Lady Justice on the castle has some unusual features, which are the subject of an “improper” Irish poem. Google it :D

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