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Save the Date • 2016 rpg

David Rothfeder • no link

Save the Date:

Save the date is a two player rpg about a date where one of them is being hunted.

Needed to play: 36 uniform sticks, enough room to make a 6x6 square out of them, something to mark the center. 

Setup: Each player chooses a name for their character. Mark one side of the table as North and the center of the city.  One player will sit on the East side and one will sit on the West.

Play:  Players will then take turns placing a stick to mark the route the couple are using to flee.  After playing a piece, that player will ask the other player a question based on the direction they fled.  These will then be answered through the narration of events.  If there is a conversation between the couple involved, each player should speak in character.

North: question about the city or environment
South: question about the pursuers
East: question about the East character
West: question about the West character

Players can not backtrack or cross path their previous path, or go more than 3 spaces from the center in any direction.  The game ends when no pieces can be placed.

Author Comments (if any)

Please contact me if this is not readable as I am unsure if I submitted this correctly

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