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Hunter's Wild • 2016 rpg

Jacob Randolph •

Players: 2-4

This game follows the Hunter on a wild Hunt. Everyone controls the Hunter together.

You need a poker deck. Each player gets 4 cards (JQKA) and controls a different suit. You hold all of your cards at once. The remaining cards in the deck are shuffled together.

Each player decides on an aspect of the Hunter that they control: a trait, item, or power.

From the shuffled deck, each player flips over one card to start the round. Hearts are Nature. Diamonds are Unnatural. Spades are Beasts. Clubs are those who hunt you. These things the Hunter meets. Describe your card.

Each player assigns one card they hold to one encountered thing. When you assign your card, tell us how your aspect handles them.

Aces avoid - they remove the card. Kings conquer - they take the card for themselves. Queens survive - they take the card but suffer for it. Jacks suffer - the card defeats the hunter.

Once all cards have been played, determine the hunter's fate. If the Hunter can continue, they must continue. Start a new round.

If the Hunter survives 4 rounds, they return home. The cards you have taken are their spoils. Decide their final fate.

Author Comments (if any)

The primary inspiration for this game is the Metroid series. The final game doesn’t look too much like it, as your first mental image of a hunter is probably on safari or from 1500 years ago, but the weirder things you can encounter (the things that hunt you, the unnatural) do a lot to dispel that mundane idea. Consolidating everyone’s idea of what the Hunter even is and what they’re after is where the fun comes from, I think, along with deciding when and against what the Hunter can afford to lose.

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