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Powerplay in Love • 2016 rpg

Remko van der Pluijm • no link

Three high school friends have a love interest in the same classmate (the Lover).
First, each Friend writes down four cultural / ethnic groups their character belongs to and each Friend assigns 7 points in friendship to all Friends and 3 in Love.

The Lover frames scenes alternating between Friends in which the Friends flirt with the Lover. The Lover then introduces a conflict and sets the stakes. The friend rolls against Love – (number of underlined groups). If the roll is higher than Love, Friend narrate how the Lover is getting more feelings for the friend. If it isn't, Friend has two options:
1. Lose the conflict: the Lover narrates how they feel rejected;
2. Put a friend in a bad daylight  by making an insulting remark on one of the groups the other friend belongs to. If the other Friend is offended, underline the group, remove a point of friendship with that Friend and add one point to the result for each underlining + 1. The other friend must narrate their pain.

Game ends if a friend has Love 10 or one person has a group with more than five lines.  Each character narrates an epilogue (Lover begins).

Author Comments (if any)

This is at least partly inspired by participative drama workshops by Augusto Boal.

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