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Scylla and Charybdis • 2016 rpg

Antonio Amato •

Sicily, 1602. Scylla and Charybdis, lovers separated by their families, are attempting to reunite. Scylla fled at night from Trapani and her family is looking for her. Charybdis has defected and fled from Messina with the Spanish army on his trail.

Decide who plays Scylla and who plays Charybdis. Until the epilogue, the two protagonists cannot be in the same scene. When a player interpret its protagonist, the other plays secondary characters and environment.

There are three phases: prologue (one scene per player), journey (three scenes per player) and epilogue (last scene).

Each player take four d6 (two black and two white) and roll, then places them in a row assigning one dice to the prologue and one for each of the journey scenes. The color of the dice sets the scene’s tone: if black, fear prevails; if white, love is stronger. Play every scene according to tone set by your dice.

The player with the high prologue dice start, then alternate.

Play prologue scene and journey scenes.

Discard prologue dices. Compare each couple of dice for any journey scene and discard low dices. In case of tie, reroll. See if prevails black or white.

Play the epilogue scene.

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