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Seltas Khyber, NPC and short adventure hook • 2016 supplement

Kyle • no link

Seltas Khyber is a Human Fighter, the son of a great noble. While he was out adventuring he lost his sword in an ambush by level appropriate monsters. If the players decide to help him find his lost sword he will lead them to a local cave system and help them retrieve his sword, fighting with his shield if he has to. Any magic-using character can automatically tell that Seltas’ sword is magical. If a player tries to determine the nature of the magical effect they learn that the sword will not stay in the hands of those that are not the rightful heir of the Khyber throne.

Later the players find Seltas Khyber planning an assault on Khyber keep, which is being held by his younger brother and attempted assassin (according to Seltas). If the players help Seltas in taking Khyber Keep, but stop Seltas from killing Lord Khyber, it is revealed that Uncle Remulan Khyber tricked the Khyber brothers into thinking that they were going to betray each other. If the players do not stop Seltas, he becomes the new Lord Khyber and grants the players a minor boon.

Author Comments (if any)

This can easily be changed to fit just about any setting, with name and title changes.

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