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Viking Age: Ragnarok • 2016 rpg

Tanner Barker •

A low-magic, fantasy, alternate timeline of the Europe; Iceland; Greenland; and parts of North America, Africa, and Asia during the Viking age. Borrowing heavily on Norse religion and culture, magic is more focused on runes, enchantments, and rituals. Conflict arises mostly out of the pillaging of more prosperous lands, but also religious differences between the Norsemen and the new religion which worships a single god, who actually turns out to be Surtur the Fire Giant wanting to gain access into the world to initiate Ragnarok. Classes each have a patron god: Warriors have Thor/Tyr, Rogues have Loki/Utgard-Loki, Archers have Ullr, Seidthr (rune-users) have Odin/Mimir, Crusaders have Baldur/Surtur. There are only Humans as playable characters, but there are Dwarves, Elves, and Giants. Artifacts are a big part of the game, with the collection of them gaining a large boost in power or special once-a-session abilities. There are plenty of different things to do, the main ones being exploring the New World, raiding and pillaging the South and East, or fighting to stop Ragnarok. The exploration of the rest of the nine realms is possible. Foes include beasts, mythical creatures, other humans, the other races, and demi-gods.

Author Comments (if any)

My passion is writing and immersing myself in fantasy worlds. I study Norse mythology and Vikings and I found it very difficult to not go into extreme depth with my entry.

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