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The Ashen Plains • 2016 supplement

Anton • https://savevshollowing.wordpress.com/

Far out, where no sane people travel, lies the Ashen Plains. A desert made from bone dust and cinders, where you can wander for days without meeting a living thing, or find beasts beyond imagining at every step. There are no plants, yet there stands forests of ancient and enormous bones, jutting up towards the sky and providing just enough shelter for rest. One must be careful, however, as the weary easily fall prey to the corroding sands.
In the wastes one often come across the remains of previous travelers, every piece of organic matter consumed by the hungering sands. Iron and stone last longer, but only gold and the so-called "dragon bones" can truly endure the decay. These, together with the forgotten and crumbling temples, are the first things to draw explorers.
However, an even greater prize is said to be buried in the center of the devouring plains. The very embers of the flame of creation, a source of incredible power lost within that accursed place. Many an ambitious hero has gone out to search for it, and their corpses has joined those of every other fool to set foot in the wastes, as ashes in the desert. 

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