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#Endpocalypse • 2016 rpg

Andrew J. Young • gatherroundrpg.blogspot.com

The end of the world has come and gone: the #Endpocalypse. We who survived must work together.
Thank God for the internet. While it remains up, we can talk to each other through social media.
But we’re not alone.
Converts lurk among us. Their goal is singular: convince us to give up our codes. Survivors are assigned codes (Wikipedia article titles) by the Resistance via the “Random article” button. The Resistance uses codes to identify survivors. The more codes you know, the better your chance of survival. We survivors must share codes, but be wary of converts.
If a convert gets your code, and you don’t have any others, you become a convert yourself, and they’ll tell you so. If you have other codes, a convert will recite all the codes they already know, one by one. If they know every code you have, you’re converted. But if you have at least one code that they don’t, you’re safe, for now. But be careful identifying converts, because makes you a target for others.
You could always trust no one, but that would be a lonely existence.
When talking to others, remember to use #Endpocalypse. That day must never be forgotten.

Author Comments (if any)

My goal was to create a game that players could easily play via social media and spread among their friends without being spammy and without requiring too much engagement.

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