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Demon Hamster Necromancers of the Abyss • 2016 rpg

Daniel Charlton •

Demon Hamster Necromancers of the Abyss

You're a Hamster infused with demonic necromantic energy. But you’re also special in some way. Introduce yourself and explain what makes you different to your regular demonic Hamster necromancer. Because you’re special, you roll d10s. 

I'm a Demonic Hamster Necromancer that can hide in the shadows called Goldilocks

Any dead bodies you accidently stumble upon can be made into minions. They’re not special so roll d6s.

A Mob is a group of players and their minions. Such a pretty name.

When facing foes. Make big aggressive noises;

Is the Creature or group of creatures
 - Bigger than your Mob? They roll d12s
 - Roughly the same as your Mob? They roll d10s
 - Smaller than your Mob? They roll d6s

Players take turns describing the mass furry blood orgy of death they and their minions are making. Then roll a dice for each Mob member against the enemies dice pool. Any dice roll of 6+ is counted as a success.

Each success more than the enemy kills them and you gain a new minion. Each success less than the enemy kills one of your minions or yourself. You're not that special that you can’t die Mr Squeekums. 

Author Comments (if any)

I wanted a non-serious game that just involved rolling a tun of dice. Unfortunately due to the word limit I’m not able to explain that you could do other stuff other than fight and that your character description means something. Never mind. Hop on board the murder hobo train with hopefully some kind of plot.

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