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Eloquent Investigation • 2016 rpg

Werner Waage •

You are an investigator, but no crime has been committed except the accosting delivered by your eloquent acumen.
Your goal is simple, deliver 7 Words in a conversation without the other players identifying your Words.

Choose a class, and attached Words

Pick 5 additional Words, write them down

You may not review the list of Words available after play starts

Any form of the word is acceptable during play

When guessing another player's class, if you fail you have to give up one of your class words. 

At any time you may attempt to identify Words, for every three incorrect guess give up one of your Words.

If your class, or 3 or more of your Words, are guessed by other players, you are out of the game.

Put two or more Words in a sentence to force player to disclose a Word

Prejudice, Wily, Hapless, Foil, Hegemony, Expunge, Eclectic, Edict, Divisive, Evasive, Dogmatic,Equivocal, Heterogenous, Inane, Inure, Knell, Laconic, Quixotic, Equivocal, Covet, Morass

Scout: Dumbfound, Puerile
Entertainer:Presage, Dispel
Police: Pugnant, Disparage
Criminal: Pugnant, Disparage
Librarian: Presage, Dumbfound
Student: Puerile, Dispel

Be the first to put all 7 words in sentences without getting caught.

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