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Legacy/Legacy: Conquest, world building game • 2016 supplement

Matthew Allen • none

Two or more players
Use to play or worldbuild.

Each player gets one color, representing one feature of the world. They take turns drawing lines on the world sheet for twenty total turns, or players agree the map is complete.

Then, they each add one or two landmarks.

Players create historical figures and take turns quickly outline what they did to affect history. Players also keep in-game time (in years) and record events.

Finally, players agree on a shift that separates modern history from ancient history. It could be a war, revolution or technology. Continue as before, but in smaller time increments.

Legacy: Conquest

Play Legacy’s first two phases, but start with cardboard-backed hex paper.

Use thumbtacks for troops.
Each player is a military commander or a peace-keeper. 
On an MC’s turn, they can

-place a troop 
-move a troop 1
-build a stronghold  
-attack any structure

PKs can

-place an elite troop
-place an emissary
-move any figure 1
-Build an embassy

Elite troops roll d8, troops d6. For each battle survived, add one to roll. On tie, reroll. Lower roll is destroyed. Structures cannot deal damage and always roll 6. Cannot attack multiple troops with one.   

Author Comments (if any)

A casual game to be played over drinks, or a more personal version of Risk. Use it to quickly build a world with your players as a GM or just for the joy of making a whole and unique world. Feel free to modify, and please email to tell me how your game went.

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