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Dragon/Dragonslayer • 2016 rpg finalist

Wendy Gorman • no link

This is a game for two. One of you is a Dragon, the other, a Dragonslayer.

Face each other. Reach out with one hand, and grasp each others' wrist firmly. Look deep into each other's eyes. Maintain eye contact.

Speak. Tell each other how you fight. Tell each other how you attempt to wrest control from the others grasp, and seek to do each other harm. Narrate your glorious battle. Do not let go. Do not look away.

Your actions are only those of the most honorable and chivalrous nature. Your every action is imbued with respect for your opponent, and appreciation for their skill. Let your esteem color your words. Let your respect guide your tone. Do not let go. Do not look away.

When your battle reaches its zenith, speak of how you each find death. Tell your opponent what magnificent act finally feels you. Describe how you hold each other as you leave this plane. As your breath leaves your body, squeeze your opponents wrist. Let go. Look away.

Author Comments (if any)

Author did not add any comments.

Judge Comments

Dragon/Dragonslayer is weirdly intimate. Like: you’re holding hands with someone, and one of you is a dragon, and the other is a dragonkiller, and you slay each other and talk at length about it without breaking eye contact? That sounds very challenging to pull off, and I’ll not lie, actually pretty hot. - Grant Howitt

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