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Testimony • 2016 rpg

Caitlynn Belle •

The war between Mars and Jupiter was horrific, bloody, and appalling. The Martians did terrible things to the Jupiterians. The War Crimes court awaits, and Martian propaganda has swayed most of the galaxy.

Player One: Jupiterian war reporter. You saw the horror and are angry. You lost friends and family. 
Player Two: Martian attorney reviewing testimony, interviewing player one before trial. You deny the events ever happened, and control what the court will see. Player One is simply insulting your people - you will decide what they are allowed to say in trial.

To play: Set a timer for 45 minutes. Player One describes the horror vividly for 5-10 minutes. Afterwards, Player Two suggests six small changes to their report, ranging from word choice, omission of sentences or themes, slight revision of tone, and so on, to make it less damning. Player One must accept at least three of these revisions. Player Two can tweak their revisions during play and should do so as a bargaining chip for Player One to accept more than three revisions.

 Argue for or against all revisions and come to an agreement before the timer sounds.

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