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EERIE ODYSSEY • 2016 rpg

Øivind Stengrundet •

A game about fears
Prepare your character:
Pick one trait (e.g. strong, nimble, eidetic memory)
Pick one flaw (e.g. over-confident, timid, short-sighted)
Pick one fear (e.g. arachnophobia, fear of the dark, fear of loneliness)
You are travelling through a location on a journey of sorts. But who are you? Why are you travelling together, and through where? And where to? Discuss the setting among you before you start.
(Examples: you are travelling through an abandoned town on your way to your company cabin. You are night watchmen patrolling the museum.)
Players take turns initiating scenes, starting with the oldest player. On your turn, set a scene in which the player to your left is confronted by his/her fear. Feel free to include as many of the other players in the scene as you like, including yourself. Any player who dies in a scene, is out of the game.
(Example: “Walking through the Egyptian exhibit you hear a strange clicking, as of clawed feet on the marble floor. Then your flashlight goes out.”)
The game ends when all players have faced their fear, or when all players are dead. Whichever comes first.

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