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PuppyRPG • 2016 rpg

Matt Faux • Sorry :(

Roll 3d6, and assign values to: 

Dexterity is your ability to maneuver
Health is your total health. Resting and eating restores 1/2 hp.

Every stat apart from Health has three skill levels, bad (1-2), average(3-4), and badass(5-6).

This system can be used in any world. Attacks should never do more than 2 damage in a single turn, including modifiers. Some GMs may give players one or more levels at the start of the game, or veto stats that are not setting-appropriate. Punches do 1/2 damage, swords do 1. Strength either applies a -1/0/+1 modifier to melee damage, allowing weak punches to heal, or multiplies it by .5, 1 or 1.5, GM’s choice.

In combat, lowest current Health goes first. Youngest player wins ties. When anything attacks, it rolls vs dex, and modifies.
Outside combat, players should have chances to roleplay and explore.

When the GM decides to level players up, they may add 2 to a stat of 1, add 1 to a stat, or roll a new stat. New stats can be anything from Healing Prowess to Ballroom Dancing. Where they overlap with other stats, player chooses one when they roll.

Author Comments (if any)

Can be played on 3x5 cards for added convinience!

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