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Go gently • 2016 rpg

Ole Peder Giæver • http://imagonem.org

Can be played anywhere, anytime.

To start the game, gently hold your right wrist.

You’ve started. You’re you.

Look around. You can interact with anything.

You can do anything you can do.

You can talk to anyone. See how they respond.

Cheat codes:
- Observe. Patterns, movements. Status. Status shifts.
- Interact by way of; smile, eye contact, words.
- State your intent; explicitly. Underhanded.
- Call a friend.
- Multiplayer.
- Avoid situations you don’t want to enter.
- Accept situations you’re in.
- Pretend.

- The door is open, except when it's not.
- The things that you do are the things that you do.

To end the game, gently pinch your left arm.

You’re you, again.

You’re here.


Further reading: Brave Sparrow, You Again, Not Chaos Magic (Really), Impro, Small Talk: The RPG, A better person.

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