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(in)Vulnerable • 2016 rpg

Benjamin l Baugh • no link

You are superhuman, invulnerable to physical harm.  But your city, your loved ones, your heart, are not.  

One player is GM, others play heroes.  

If you are a hero, describe yourself, and your powers.  
You have three condition ladders:  

My City - home, the place you protect 

My Love - people in your life

My Heart - sanity, hope, ideals

They have rungs:

Foreboding - coming wrongness
Shocked - temporary change   
Changed - altered forever
Damaged - reduced, maybe not forever  
Devastated - reduced, partially forever  
Destroyed - burned earth, lost relationships, broken heart

Players share My City

If you are playing the GM, describe events and initiate some challenges.  

Players flip coins to generate two states.  

Heads - a hero masters the challenge.  

Tails - one ladder increases by one step -  which ladder is implied by fiction, GM, sometimes player.  

Heroes can keep pushing until they win, or until they can not bear the consequences.

In conflict, changing tactics lets you move to a different ladder.

After conflict, you can move one rung to another ladder.  

Between sessions, you can move any rungs to another ladder or remove a rung. 

If a ladder reaches the Destroyed stage, only heroic sacrifice will reduce it back to the Devastated level.                    

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