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Simplest RPG • 2016 rpg

Stoo Goff •

Decide how Smart, Charming and Vigorous your character is.

Each attribute has a value between one and six. You start with one at five, one at three and one at two.

Pick three Talents. These could be skills (Hacking), abilities (Perceptive) or equipment (Longsword).

Pick a Flaw.

You need several D6 in two different colours. One colour is your ability dice, one colour is your difficulty dice.

Choose an attribute and take that many ability dice. Add an ability die for appropriate Talents. Your GM tells you a difficulty between one and six. Take that many difficulty dice plus one more if your Flaw is applicable.

Roll, add ability, subtract difficulty. If your score is positive you succeed, negative you fail. If you roll zero you succeed but something bad happens, decided by you and the GM.

If you don’t succeed you can push yourself. Subtract one from your attribute and add six to your roll. If an attribute reaches zero you are unconscious. Recover one point in one attribute at the end of the scene.

If you’re wounded, write it down. Each wound adds one difficulty die to every roll. Recover one wound at the end of each session.

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