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Stop Hiding Your Crush • 2016 rpg finalist

Joe Mills • Twitter: @mr_nonchalance

For 3-6 players about fear of rejection and the joy of revealed love.

You are a polyamorous teenager at a party. The irrelevant people have gone home, or passed out. All that’s left is your circle and its tangled web.

As your character, say your name and how you present. Write your name on a card; shuffle, and each draw one - your secret crush. If anyone gets themselves, everyone draws again. Look at your crush with love, but don’t be obvious. What if people found out?

In turn, ask another character one of these questions:
·         Why do you trust me?
·         What’s your best memory of us?
·         What secret do I know?

When all have asked three questions, tell your crush of your love and ask them to return it.

When someone admits they love you, flip a coin and hide the result. If they are your secret crush, ignore the coin and open your heart to them joyfully. If tails, say no, and why. If heads, maybe, but… say what concerns you. If you reject someone, admit your own crush next.

Make your answers engaging, play with respect for boundaries, and call time out if you need.

Author Comments (if any)

Author did not add any comments.

Judge Comments

Stop Hiding Your Crush - love it will play. captures sleepover party fun. established characters makes this effervescent. - Kat Kuhl

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