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Villager • 2016 rpg

Fabien Badilla • http://fabienfb.blogspot.com/

Your village is DOOMED!
The village prospered slowly and peacefully for generations. You are villagers, NOT heroes, fighting against the threat, doing everything to save those you love.

Decide what threatens the village. It is something overwhelming, dangerous, and unexpected.

Roll three D6s, assign to your Profession / Talent / Fate.








Roleplay daily lives. Define the village, characters, relationships. BE CREATIVE!

Plays clockwise, until all characters are dead.
On your turn, player to your right tells the INSURMOUNTABLE situation you face. (BE HARSH!)
Describe how you manage the current situation. BE BOLD!

Roll 1D6 against the threat. If appropriate, gain +1D6 for Profession and/or Talent.
1-4 : Left-player describes failure, survival. Lose Profession / Talent.
5-9 : Describe success over situation. Lose Profession / Talent.
10-12 : Right-player describes success. Lose Profession / Talent.
13-18 : Describe failure and survival over situation.

If you allow, others may intervene. THEY lose Profession / Talent. THEY describe what happens: failure / success / survival.

When you cannot lose Profession / Talent, you meet your Fate (your death theme): you tell everyone how you die. BE DRAMATIC!

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