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The host • 2016 supplement finalist

Vincent Carluer •

Supplement for any game, give this to a player to spice up her game:

You dreamt about a traveller, seeking a weird and powerful item in many worlds.
You even joined her sometimes, discovering places beyond your imagination.

Now you are awake, you feel she is still with you.
She wants something before she can continue her journey.
More than a feeling, you can speak with her by thought.

Answer with the GM:
    is the tone of her ‘voice’ when she speaks?
    was disturbing about her face, her body, in your dream?
    energy does she feed on?
    strange manifestation of her presence is noticeable?
    is her name?

How does she hurt you when you speak about her?
Where does she want you to go now?

Every time you don’t go where the traveller wants, roll a dice and tell how she:
1-2: forces you to go elsewhere
3-4: is displeased and eats energy from you

When you are where the traveller wished, roll a dice and tell how:
1-2: you feel a ghostly presence
3-5: you find an item’s piece, how it merges with you
6 or 6 pieces: she tears reality to leave and what you earn

Author Comments (if any)

Author did not add any comments.

Judge Comments

Fun minigame that ports to most systems. solid exposition engine. - Kat Kuhl

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