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The Threshold • 2016 rpg

Bob Horses • no link

The Threshold

Two facing Players with three Stones between them.

One player will play a Man having to take an irreversible and ultimate decision (such as die/kill, leave his/her family, make something horrible or wonderful).
The other will play the "Threshold Guardian". His/Her duty is to make questions and verify if he/she is ready to cross the Threshold.

Playing the Game 
The Man starts introducing him/herself, talking about his/her life and his past. 
The Guardian makes questions and helps him/her remember what happened. The Man must answer the questions and freely accept or reject what the Guardian says unless the Guardian wants to impose a Truth. In this case, the Guardian takes a Stone and hands it out to the Man. The Man must take it and continues to tell, until the Third Stone. 
After the First Stone he/she will talk lowering his head, nevermore looking at the Guardian.
After the Second Stone he/she lowers his/her voice. 
Giving the Third Stone the Guardian asks: "Now you're ready. Will you cross the Threshold?" 
The Man will describe what the Thresolds looks like and then will answer to the Guardian.

Author Comments (if any)

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