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Edgeways • 2016 rpg

Reino Hämäläinen • no link

One person is the GM, while others play as different sides of a single character.


1. Choose a mundane task, which the character must do, for example going on a first date. Small, mundane tasks work the best.
2. Each player describes a single side of the character that they will be playing.

The GM describes the scene. Players are free to discuss about the situation, playing as different sides of a character bickering internally. 

At any point  the GM can ask the players “What do you do?”. Then, starting from whomever first opens their mouth, players say a single word on their turn to form a sentence which tells what their character will do. Turns go clockwise, and continue until a sentence has been formed.

The game ends when the mundane task has been accomplished, or it has been failed irrevocably.

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