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Intersection • 2016 rpg

Eric Simon • steamscapes.com

Choose one player as the Actor. All others are Directors.

The Actor takes 2d6 and begins to narrate a normal (fictional) day. As the Actor describes events, any of the Directors may interrupt by saying, “Hold” or otherwise indicating. When a hold is called, the Actor must roll.

On a 7+, the Actor has privilege and may continue to narrate. The Director may assign a privileged identity to the Actor.

On a 6-, the Director explains why the action was more difficult than expected and assigns a non-privileged identity to the Actor. The Actor proceeds, including any assigned identities in the narration.

Try to vary holds across Physical, Mental, and Social privileges. Continue until everyone agrees that the Actor’s identity has been sufficiently defined. Rotate roles; play again.

Examples of privilege (in my culture):
fully-functioning limbs
absence of chronic pain/disease
allergies minimal/absent
access to transportation, goods, and services

predictable and controllable sleep
non-medicated normative mental function
lack of addictive behaviors
family/friend support network
lack of external stressors

heterosexual and monosexual
cisgendered appearance and binary pronoun selection
socially-accepted body type
normative fashion expression
unaccented English as primary language
Anglo-American name

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