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True Minds • 2016 rpg

Karl Larsson • no link

True Minds

Your parents were born in the summer of 1968, the seeds of a new age. The seeds didn't spring, but  were passed on to the next generation. You will liberate the minds of this oppressive age, heralding in the next.
Four skills: Creativity - Friendliness - Hope - Perform
Rank them: Exemplary - Good - Fair - Average

You start the game with five Liberated dice (Ld).

The GM begins with five Ld per player.
Determine skill and roll one die. 

Skill level // Success
Exemplary // 2+
Good // 3+
Fair // 4+
Average // 5+

You can add Ld to the first die before rolling.

Failure you lose one Ld from your pool.

Return lost or spent dice to the GM.
Your goal is to free humanity from the ties that bind: traditions, the government, debt, persecution, borders; all chains. To achieve harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding.

Whenever you do something that achieve this, you get between one and three Ld from the GM's pool. 

When the GM is out of dice, a significant portion of the wall that keeps humanity imprisoned collapses.

If you are ever have no Ld, your character loses faith and surrenders to oppression.

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