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The Chamber • 2016 rpg

John Achterkirchen • no link

You are Sorcerers. Yet one among your number is something ... else. A Demon.

The Demon is marked at random, its identity unknown to all but itself.

Your story takes shape in two domains: around a table in a mutual narrative, and within the Codex (a computer text file), which resides in the Chamber (a separate room).

While the mutual narrative is ephemeral, the Codex is prophetic: it is the true story of the last Sorcerers alive. In order to identify and destroy the Demon, the Sorcerers must risk their very reality.

At any time during the narrative you may gift a fellow Sorcerer with one of your three Tokens of Suspicion.

If you receive a Token, you must enter the Chamber alone, wherein you may alter the Codex without restriction. Upon returning to the table, you may elect to relate your alterations, but you need not be truthful.

When any Sorcerer receives a third Token, the story immediately ends. If the player with the most Tokens is the Demon, the Sorcerers are victorious, and the Codex is wiped clean. If not, the Codex is binding, and, if the Demon was clever, all are consigned to despair.

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