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The safe, safe room below • 2016 rpg

Khelren •

It’s a cellar, maybe a bunker. Inside, we’re safe. We have food. Water. Air. Maybe a little privacy. Outside… We don’t talk about the outside.

This is a 2-players game.
One player is the bunker’s owner; the other their guest, lucky to be alive.

The owner decides how’s the outside. What really happened? Write it down secretly.
Write what is needed to survive outside, if something is needed, but play honestly: there is a clue about it in the bunker.
Announce “something” that allows you to be in charge and to prevent any escape.

The guest then announces how they think they’ve been dragged down here.
Announce which “skill” you have that would be useful to escape or to survive outside.
Tell the owner what makes you fear them.

The owner wants the guest to stay.
How will you do that? What lies will you say?

The guest wants probably to escape but moreover to survive outside.
How will you gain the trust of the owner? How will you betray them? Will you steal his mean of control?

Play your character, with their strengths and weaknesses.
Frame the scenes and reach an agreement to resolve any situation.

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