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Why are Slimes only found in caves? • 2016 supplement

Daniel Charlton •

Why are Slimes only found in caves? A FATE core supplement.

You are a Slime living on the ceiling of a cave. Below you is food. The problem is you have no skills but you do have two stunts that cost a FATE point to invoke;

 - Mimicry: Can mimic a creature
 - Absorb: Can absorb a skill or stunt from a creature.

Eat more of the same creature to gain a better understanding of their physiology. This will make your mimicry more convincing and your skills/stunts more powerful but there is only so much you can learn from a single creature. Because of this you should always keep looking for a bigger creature but Slimes are vulnerable when they’re young. May be in the cave there is a clan of Goblins or Kobolds the Slime could covertly integrate themselves into.

It’s a good idea to do some world building before you start a campaign so players know their Slimes environment.

When the time comes and you can mimic a sentient creature. Head off out of the cave to start a new adventure. It maybe wise to not leave home without a basic understand of a common language.

Author Comments (if any)

A FATE core supplement. Character creation all done in game through player choices on what creatures to attack. A tale of a slime facing off against the evil D&D adventurers attacking helpless beings in their cave.

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