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Job interview • 2016 rpg

Elizabeth Lovegrove •

A two player game about utopia.

Candidate: You have been selected to interview for transcendence from this plane of existence to the next by becoming a citizen of Utopia. Construct a brief resume: three major life accomplishments, two overriding values, one major flaw or failing.

Interviewer: read resume, plan interview questions. Form initial idea of type of utopia, and qualities required for entrants to Utopia (assume Candidate is a suitable person to have been shortlisted). Fit in with existing society? Help reform/improve? Bring lessons from non-Utopia? Be cautionary example?

Interviewer should briefly describe Utopia and the role requirements, ask questions that enable Candidate to expand on their resume, talk about their interests and strengths, talk about how they would relate to different aspects of Utopia. Ask follow-up questions as necessary, use questions to portray aspects of Utopia. Allow Candidate to ask their own questions, and to ask clarifying questions along the way.

Once Interviewer has sufficient information about Candidate, bring the interview to a close. Each take five minutes to consider the outcomes, then Interviewer tells Candidate whether they have been successful, and if so, Candidate decides whether to accept the role.

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