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BURNT CHROME • 2016 rpg

Eddie Goehner • no link


You’re a member of a freelance acquisitions team that has just secured the largest cache of data from Mega Corp. Your exploits will be the thing of legend, if you live. All you have to do is get to the safe house.    

Each player names their character and spends 6 points on 2 attributes, minimum of 1.  

Wetware: Mental Acuity, reasoning, and planning. 
Chrome: Physical ability, violence and quick action.

How to play:
The GM describes an obstacle to the players. 
The players describe their character’s action to overcome the obstacle. 
Based on the description of the character’s action use either Wetware or Chrome.
Basic Skill check: The player rolls the number of dice in the attribute pool. 
Highest single dice value from that pool is compared to the chart below

On a:
1-3 fail, suffer a setback
4-5 Succeed but suffer some setback
6 Succeed

Damage: Each time the player takes damage subtract 1 from physical or mental Attribute pool player’s choice. If an attribute reaches zero the character is out of the game.

Obstacles: Local Police, Robotic Hunter/Killers, Strike Team, Lethal Drone, Traffic, Crowds of people...  

Setbacks: Injuries, Lost resources, Additional obstacles, Damage, Environment...

Author Comments (if any)

Lasers and Feelings pretty much anything by John Harper

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