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Away Team • 2016 rpg

Joe Pruitt • no link

Away Team

By Joe Pruitt

You are crew members of a starship exploring strange new worlds.  You have been assigned to an away team traveling to the surface of a previously unexplored planet

Choose your Uniform Color and a Specialty

YellowCommand, Operations
RedEngineering, Security
BlueScience, Medicine

What type of planet is it?  Roll one six-sided die (1D6)

1-Class D (planetoid/small moon, no atmosphere)
2-Class H (desert) 
3-Class L (jungle/primitive)
4-Class M (Earthlike)
5-Class N (barren/rocky)
6-Class O (water or ice)

What or who do you find on the planet?  Roll 1D6

1-Hostile Natives
2- Dangerous Wildlife 
3- Enemy Alien Invaders
4-Computer/Robot/Artificial Intelligence
5-Godlike Entity
6-Roll again, twice (ignoring any further 6s)

What are its/their goals?  Roll 1D6

4-Searching for something

Task Resolution
Roll 1D6.  1-3 you fail, 4-6 you succeed.  If the task falls in an area covered by your uniform color, add 1.  If it falls within your specialty, add another 1.  If you fail, determine the outcome by rolling 1D6 and referring to the chart below:

1-3Partial success, accomplish your goal but with negative repercussions
4-5Partial failure, minor setback
6Total failure, major consequences

Author Comments (if any)

Author did not add any comments.

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