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Babble • 2016 rpg finalist

Kezle • no link

The tower is still standing, but Babel has fallen.

You workers are trapped high in the unfinished tower to Heaven. Can you survive the splintering of tongues?

Name your worker.

Choose a Route. Route to the ground? Route to completion? Your Route is your goal and it must be unique.

Take d6 equal to the number of workers.

Roll your dice. If any of your dice match any of another worker's dice, you may communicate normally with them. You may gesture and make sounds but not speak to any workers' who do not have at least one die matching yours.

Each worker gets a chance to convince the others to follow their Route. At the end of the round, the group follows the Route of the worker who managed to convince the most people.

Everyone removes any dice that rolled a 1. You may never lose more than half your dice pool in a round.

The group encounters an obstacle. What is it? This must be the wrong route! Workers debate again.

Play continues until you reach a Route’s end or everyone runs out of dice and is left gesturing madly and making inarticulate noises.

Author Comments (if any)

Author did not add any comments.

Judge Comments

Like Deconstruction, Babble plays with the concept of communication in a fascinating way. Not being able to communicate normally with several players provides a compelling, creative roleplaying challenge. - Sarah Judd

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