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Excellent Adventures • 2016 rpg

Nathan Milner • no link

You and a rival scientist have managed simultaneously to solve the mystery of time travel. There isn’t enough acclaim for the two of you. The only solution is a time war.

Players: 2 time travelers and TimeMaster (TM).

Objective: Erase your opponent from existence.  

Setup: Draw seven equal lines on paper. Deal 12 milestone cards (historic events) and 6 history-maker cards (historical figures). Arrange cards chronologically along the centerline ending with the Present. Cards include event/figure, date and difficulty rating. 
Examples: Big Bang (0; 18); Julius Caesar (100-44 BC; 12); World War II (1939-1945 AD; 14).

Gameplay: TM rolls the location of initial jumps. 

Take up to two actions per round. Actions: move forward/back in time; change a milestone/replace a figure (3d6 against difficulty).

Before rolling, describe how history will change if you’re successful. TM awards bonuses based on the story. Successfully alter a milestone and cards following that event shift one line left (player 1) or right (player 2). 

If the timeline shifts away from you, use an action to return to the main timeline. Capturing history-maker cards lets you move with the timeline.

Move the Present to your side and erase your opponent from history.

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