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Pie Chart RPG • 2016 rpg

Lauren Clark •

2d10, different colors
Pen and paper
something to trace a circle
two different type tokens.


Draw a circle on your character sheet. The GM gives players a list of relevant skills. Assign number values to these skills, totaling exactly 100. Whole numbers only. Draw in your circle to make a pie chart with your selected skill values. Once this is done, hand each player 5 tokens. These are called Fortune Tokens


Any time an action has consequence, the GM calls for a roll, selecting a skill. Players roll d100, pre-assigning one die as the 10's place and one as the 1's place. The goal is to roll under. 0 on both die is a 100. There’s no special rules for opposed rolls.

The GM may reward success with a Fortune token. In the event of a failure, the GM may hand a player a Misfortune token. 

Fortune and Misfortune both allow a reroll, or for the numbers to be shifted on a result (an 81 becomes an 18, for example). Players invoke Fortune, GMs invoke Misfortune. If a roll’s result was influenced by Fortune or Misfortune, the GM shouldn’t give any tokens. 

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