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Become the Media • 2016 rpg

mutant •

Find the Truth and write investigation news article in 6 steps.

Select an article about an unsolved case in the daily press.

Each player create a character who seeks the Truth about the article (journalist, family, victim, activist, …)

Each player gets 3 token.
- Contact (someone who can help)
- Skill (something you know)
- Resource (a moment when you surpass yourself)

The first player tell a new trail leading to a part of the Truth.

He trows a D6. The first roll must make a 1, the second a 2 and so on up to 6.

- If it's the right score, the active player tell the progress of the investigation.
- Otherwise he must fill the gap between the result on the dice and the reached score, by spending 1 token by 2 points difference and telling how each token help him to continue on this track.
- OR he can leave the track and pass.

The active player write on a paper, one or two simple sentences to explain how they find some Truth elements. Then it's the next player turn.

When the article is completed, choose a title and the game is over.

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