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First Steps - Adventuring Workshop • 2016 supplement winner

Jonathan Jung Johansen •

Play this in order. This is not a salad to be tossed at will.

Put into words!
Make all the players say the following about their character
Who they are.
Who and what matters to them.
If and what they would die for.
Everyone then ask questions, always starting with “What would [character] do if...”.

I See
Choose a character. Every player will imagine something that they could see the character doing.
“I see Degu stuffing himself when he has the opportunity.”
The player of the character in question can answer with.
“I see that.”
“I do not see that.”
They and may afterwards build on the description.

Bid each player rise, one at a time, assume a pose their character would, and say a phrase that sums them up.
“Thanks for the meal, and do you want to be freed from the burden of will?”
Cheering or applause as an answer is recommended.

Boon bonds
Say why you travel with another character.
They answer as in “I see”. Afterwards they build on the reason why your character travels with them.
Repeat until everyone has reasons to travel together.

Now you are boon companions. Begin playing your game.

Author Comments (if any)

Make your first steps as bold as the journey you want to set out on.

This workshop is for any game that focuses on a group of characters - but it is meant to tie a group of characters together before starting an adventure.

Through it, you will get to know all characters around the table, imagine them, add to who they are, express and embody them and finally bind them all together as travelling companions.

Whenever a new character joins in, or at the start of every session, repeat the workshop. Everyone should use the answers to gauge what the other players care for, and let the answers influence the game world.

Thanks to Jon Cole for inspiring me with his workshops. This supplement would never have existed without him.

Judge Comments

I frequently have a hard time coming up with interesting characters that don’t feel like someone else’s tropes. I like bouncing ideas off of other people, so I love “I see.” I also get into character more easily by introducting my body, so I love “Quoth.” Actually having reasons to travel together is important too. Interesting and useful character building technique. - Sarah Judd

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