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Point and Click • 2016 rpg

Christopher Dean •

This game is inspired by the point and click adventure computer games of the 90s (like Monkey Island). 
The GM creates a story with a comedic feel and many puzzles (or at least the illusion of puzzles) for the players to solve with either logic or pure nonsense. 
Characters can be anything that can think and feel that fits the story the GM has in mind: humans, anthropomorphic animals, weird aliens and whatever else are fair game. 

Each character has the following Skills: Push, Pull, Open, Close, Use, Look at, Give, Pick Up, Open, Close and Talk To. They also have at least 20 Inventory boxes. 
Players interact with the World using their Skills. GMs describe the environment, and then write down what objects, areas and beings that characters can interact with. 
To do anything, a player must announce the use of a Skill. It is up to the GM whether one Skill can be used with a game feature for an immediate result (“I Open the Cupboard) or whether it leads to interaction with another feature (“I want to Use the Pistol with the Giant Alien Monster.”) The GM decides and describes the (often hilarious) results as that character. 

Author Comments (if any)

This game is something of a personal joy that I have run by request for friends many times, created from my love as a teenager for LucasArts adventure games.

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