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Shared Nightmare • 2016 rpg

Drake Williams • no link

You are forever stuck in an ever-shifting nightmare you cannot wake up from. You are searching for some way to wake up, and the only escape is to leave another victim in your place.

One player is the dreamer, the rest are the nightmare. In clockwise order, each nightmare player takes turns adding a new element to the setting the dreamer is stuck in. The dreamer responds to each of these in turn before the next is added. The dreamer can not die.

Elements count as repeats if the same subject reappears for the same dreamer. After 5 rounds or 5 minutes, general themes in elements will count as repeats. After 10, the same types of conflict introduced count as repeats.

When a nightmare player introduces an element that repeats, the dreamer is free, and the nightmare player that introduced the repeated element becomes the dreamer for the next round. Play begins again, with the escaped dreamer(s) watching but unable to interact.

When one player remains, they are the dreamer forever stuck in the nightmare, and must find a new group of players to let them escape. You should not tempt fate by playing again after you have escaped.

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