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The Torments • 2016 rpg

Lucas Hyon •

You play the Torments, heroes cursed to rely on cruel means to their tender ends.

Each player, choose two and say who or what they are:
- Love for my people.
- Love for my lord, lady or companion.
- Love for justice.

Take turns in clockwise order beginning with the youngest player.

On your turn, the others will say how your love is threatened. You will say how you strive to protect it. The others will say the outcome of your actions unless you intend to commit a Terrible Deed (TD) by bringing significant harm to another, physical or otherwise. After this, your turn will end. The next player will suffer the consequences of your actions.

When you commit a TD, write it down, roll 1d6 and read the result:
- More than your TDs: Say how the threat remains.
- No more than your TDs: Say how you end the threat. 

Once both your loves have been destroyed or you have ended two threats, it can no longer be your turn. Once all have done so, the game ends. Discuss and vote using your own judgement: Who brought the least suffering? Who remained most true to their love? The most voted players win.

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