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The Vampire's Kiss • 2016 rpg

Joanna Piancastelli •

The players make up a community. Decide where and when.

One player is the vampire, old and powerful.
Choose to be: sly and greedy; vicious and direct; or paranoid and entitled.
Choose what the community relies upon you for.

The others are mortals, normal people.
Choose to be: shy or outgoing; hedonistic or reserved; aggressive or retiring; self-sacrificing or self-centred.
Choose one other mortal to be your friend or family.

The vampire must feed on blood from the mortals. To feed, he takes a mortal's pulse at the neck or wrist. If he counts ten beats, that mortal dies – any less is disorienting but extremely pleasurable for the mortal.

Any mortal may volunteer themselves to be fed upon.

The vampire may demand that any single mortal offer their wrist or neck so he can feed. A mortal may only refuse if another mortal holds their hand.

All the mortals working together may destroy the vampire. If even one mortal dies, the vampire can no longer be stopped.

Play until the vampire is destroyed, a mortal dies, or the vampire feeds three times. Then play for five more minutes to see what their world looks like now.?

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