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Flame War • 2016 rpg finalist

Jason Sackett • no link

Players are users on a web forum jockeying for reputation and internet prestige by engaging in petty arguments and bickering. The goal of the game is to bait, belittle, and troll the others into getting banned by the mods without getting banned yourself.

Characters have three stats: rhetoric, wit, and face. Rhetoric is how articulate and well-spoken you are and is what you use to debate other educated and knowledgeable posters. Wit is how good you are at rustling jimmies. Face is your reputation in the community, ie your “health”, and can be wagered in place of Rhetoric and Wits.

Rhetoric can safely counter Rhetoric and Face without incurring the mods’ wrath, but suffers a penalty against Wits because people enjoy burns better than citations. Wits are very effective against Rhetoric and Face but rolling too high results in a ban. Face can be spent to roll without Rhetoric or Wits, but you don’t get it back until you successfully get someone banned.

All rolls are d6 v d6, characters assign their stats 5/4/3 (So Rhetoric 5, Wits 4, Face 3 for example). Last poster unbanned wins.

Author Comments (if any)

Author did not add any comments.

Judge Comments

I laughed when I read this description. The mechanics weren’t very creative, but they support the engaging and creative theme well. I can imagine certain rpg groups I’ve been in having a blast with it. - Sarah Judd

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